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7 Benefits of WordPress Web Design

IOM Partners - the author (or sponsor) of this article is a Houston website design company specializing in services like web design Houston and Houston SEO.

A Content Management System (CMS) constitutes the backbone of a website. A CMS facilitates all the tasks normally associated with the life-cycle of a website, such as design/creation, modifications/updates and maintenance etc.

While a CMS is not a must in order to create or publish a website, it certainly makes such tasks much easier and therefore, it is not surprising that according to some estimates and market research, about 3 websites out of every 10 are built using a CMS today.

Of the many such CMS options available in the market today, WordPress happens to be the most popular one by far, with a whopping 70 million+ websites operating on this platform.

It is obvious that such a massive user-base and popularity can not be achieved in absence of some strong reasons and benefits. Here are 7 major benefits of the WordPress Content Management System:

1. Robust - Scalable Architecture:
WordPress can effortlessly handle anything from 5-page catalog websites to huge sites with tens and even hundreds of thousands of pages.

2. Flexible Usage Options:
The WordPress CMS can be easily deployed to create almost any kind of websites. Whether you need a static site, a blog or even a full-flagged eCommerce storefront or shopping cart, WordPress can be used to do it all.

3. Ease of Use:
Even with all its capabilities and power, the WordPress CMS is fairly easy to use, even at non-technical user levels.

4. Plentiful Availability of Ready Themes:
The total number of ready-made design themes available for WordPress is estimated at 10,000+ today. With such a huge number of themes, you should be able to find one that matches your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. Furthermore, if so desired, the option to develop a custom theme is also available.

5. Abundance of Plugins, Add-ons and Widgets:
WordPress can boast nearly 29,000 plugins, widgets and add-ons with which the functionality of this already powerful CMS can be extended and enhanced in any number of conceivable ways.

6. Robust Customization Options:
Since WordPress is an 'open source' software, the entire source code of this CMS is open to the public at large so it can be modified and customized to any extent, in any way desired, at the lowest level of programming.

7. Powerful SEO Capabilities:
It is a given that one of the primary objectives of any website would be to attract traffic and visitors. From this perspective, the significance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is widely recognized today. WordPress comes equipped with legendary SEO capabilities right out of the box, enabling the sites built with it to find natural favor with and derive free organic traffic from the search engines.

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